XYLEM Energy relies heavily on internal IT solutions to optimize duration and  performance for all activities within the different sectors of operations  in order to meet client  expectations  related to time and cost effectiveness. It  has invested continuously in acquiring or developing highly sophisticated systems, capable of enabling  all departments to perform efficiently.

Web-based solutions have been introduced within the architecture of internal systems to facilitate outsourcing and client communication through remote access of necessary data including specifications, standards and reports .
Both off-the-shelf and custom developed  IT systems cover all cycles of operations related to project management & control, design & engineering, procurement, construction management, accounting, financial & risk analysis.
Cutting edge specialized technical tools are available inhouse for the following:

Process Simulations and Hydraulic Modeling: 


                                                                                 OLGA 2014

                                                                                 Pipeline Studio

Pipeline and Piping:

                                    CAD and 3D Modeling

                                    Stress analysis (Ceasar II)

                                    Pipeline Alignment Sheets

                                    Profile Design Programs



                             (Smart Plant Instrumentation)

Civil & Structural:


                              STAAD FOUNDATIONS


                              FOUNDATION / MAT 3D

Electrical Design:



Project Management: