Referenced provider of Quality and Safety worldwide

Services we provide

XYLEM Energy provides services to a wide range of industries,including
Oil & Gas, Mining, Power Generator, Subsea, Petrochemical/Chemical, Renewable Energy/Solar Plant, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Automotive, Railways.

We concentrate on industry sectors in which we have the critical size and experience to provide our customers with global world-class services, which are based on a deep understanding of their current and future needs and challenges.

Structure and Organization

Our operations are organized into divisions that focus on delivering solutions and services to specific
market sectors.

The Industry division provides technical inspection services, technical staffing services, consulting & training products and services, to all industry sectors.

Our Company will be able to better support your needs locally and globally.

XYLEM Energy is the trusted provider of quality and safety solutions to many of the world’s leading brands and Companies for Testing, Inspection, and Certification Company by annual revenue, with service in more countries around the world.

We have earned a reputation for helping our clients increase trust in their brands, products and commodities and gain competitive advantage.

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