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XYLEM Energy core purpose is to provide technical recruitment and contractor management services with authenticity, transparency, and integrity. We use adaptable processes focused on quality and consistency, letting us balance the commercial realities of energy recruiting with the individual needs and welfare of our clients and candidates.

Companies differ in terms of sector, size, culture and values. For each individual client, Xylem Energy conducts a job profiling process that keeps pace with the evolution of company organization, designing skill systems , performance assessments , financial and non-financial incentives, professional development and career programs, , training systems and total rewards models, based partly on the weight carried by the various positions held in the company. We have provided support to many organizations in finding the Project completion resources.

Xylem Energy also offer companies temporary management services.

The system is organized into independent, integrated modules that can be used to manage the full range of human resources development processes: selection, employee records, job description, organization structure, in-company communication, skills system, remuneration and merit policies, performance assessment, MBO, training needs analysis and climate surveys.

Xylem Energy shares principles, professional culture and a passion for client service. Today Xylem Alliance offers global Executive search and HR consultancy on 5 continents and 30+ countries, and has over 200 consultants ready to assist.

Above all else, we value life. 

We believe the safety and health of our people, community, and environment are key and, without those, nothing else matters. In all our efforts, we aim to work toward a more sustainable and inclusive future for all, while providing service that exceeds the expectations of the businesses and candidates we work with.

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