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Consultancy for Certification


XYLEM Energy, through the Quality Assurance Service, offers qualified support, training and consultancy services relating to organisational quality management issues, with reference to the development of management systems compliant with the following standards: 

ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO22000, ISO22005, ISO22301, ISO27001, ISO37001, ISO45001, ISO22716, ISO22483, ISO20121, ISO50001, ISO37301.

The services may also concern consultancy related to calibration/test laboratories on issues such as the management of instruments and the estimation of measurement uncertainty.


The Quality Assurance Service also offers Audit services based on experience in the design, implementation and verification of the Management Systems of companies working in industrial plants. The types of Audits, always carried out in compliance with the requirements of the ISO 19011 standard, are:

For the important or time sensitive equipment productions, XYLEM Energy, our inspection department can set up a team and stay at the factory throughout  the production for weeks or months, whil onsite our inspectors will constantly monitor  the production and perform contractual technical inspection & FAT, confirm schedule and forecast, supervise the factori's internal quality control, conduct random inspections of raw materials, semi finished and complete products and send you a report day by day.

The below points and in general the Quality Control Plan requisitions are covered during second/third part supervision/FAT:

Moreover our Team is experienced in :